INTERSTATE 8 - Modern IPA - 4pk/16oz.

INTERSTATE 8 - Modern IPA - 4pk/16oz.

By Three Magnets


Style: Hazy IPA

ABV: 6.8%


While Three Magnets has morphed a metric shit-ton over the past 8 years, navigating a pub through a pandemic has felt a lot like we’ve been “on a road shaped like a figure 8, going nowhere, and guaranteed to be late.”, still, we’ve been working harder than ever to stay relevant in this crazy world and this 8th anniversary beer reflects where we came from. 

We recognize that people still want to drink the hell out of Hazy IPA’s. That style was exploding seven years ago, when we helped bring the style out west with the Pacific Northwest’s OG haze, Little Juice Smoothie, before anyone here was familiar with the style, and we literally had to explain to every single customer that an intentionally hazy beer was not “lazy brewing”, and conversely was more difficult to brew. But this beer is not that. This is a clean, crisp, modern IPA. Old school methodologies, and new school hops.

It’s dank as fuck, and it uses hops that give zero shits about fruit notes. It’s actually bitter, savory, spicy and everything we frankly miss in most hazy beers. Brewed with Altus, Pahto, Nugget and Bravo.