Bad Light Milk Stout

Bad Light Milk Stout

By Three Magnets

Name: Bad Light 

Style:  Milk Stout - not sweet, quite dark, and a little dirty. it's a grunge thing. 

ABV: 4.4% ABV 

Description: Milk stout lays out expectations that this beer will be creamy and silky. It is, but it has the best thing about a cigar - the tobacco back notes -  that make this repeatedly drinkable without need for a whisky back. The roast and black coffee notes offset the creamy character from lactose. Inspiration from bands formed in Boise, Idaho in 1992. 

Notes from Aaron: It's a Built to Spill reference. This beer turned out spectacular. Really happy with it. Now get in a rhythm with it so we can keep making it. I've got grand dreams of it being year round.

Notes from Nate: It was fun reaching into my bag of photography for this latest round of labels. And this one also comes from my series of photos taken in New York nearly a decade ago. With a rich, dark, smooth, creamy milk stout called Bad Light, this photo just jumped at me. It's a photograph of a boarded up church in Bushwick.

I've always had an interesting relationship with religion, as I suppose you could say that most of us have. I went to Catholic grade school, but I never really fully bought-in. Is it the religion itself that I have taken issue with most of my life? Or the interpretation? Or the application of those interpretations? Is it a mix of all three? Or does it depend entirely on the individual entity projecting it?

I don't know. But I do know, that many good intentions oftentimes have bad consequences for others. And I'm not just talking about religion anymore, I'm talking about everyday decisions that we all make. Every day. Sure, there's definitely some good light out there. But there's also some bad light. And their causes and effects are so intricately intertwined in this world full of such misinformation and bullshit, that sometimes its hard to ever really know if you are actually one of the good guys. Whatever that even means.

Oh, Jesus Christ. Nevermind. It's just beer. Whatever. Enjoy.