BeYOB Doppelbockz

BeYOB Doppelbockz

By Wayfinder

Name: BeYOB Doppelbock 

Style: Dopplebock 

Brewery: Wayfinder 

ABV: 7.7% 

Description: Deep and intense strong lager; extensively cold-conditioned below freezing temps. Epic, crushing, and heavy beyond words.

Notes from Aaron: Decocted, not just once but four times or something crazy. The brew day was most likely 16 hours or more. Labored intensely while somber doom metal was played on repeat the whole time. If skeletons could drink beer they would drink this. Just think of all those bands that aren't out on tour right now, YOB, Sleep, High on Fire, The Atlas Moth, Electric Wizard and all those other metal bands that won't sell out and will continue melting the tubes in audiophiles amps.