Czech This Trit Out - 4pk/16oz

Czech This Trit Out - 4pk/16oz

By Varietal

Name: Czech This Trit Out

Style: Czech Pilsner

Brewery: Varietal and Whistle Punk (Collaboration)

ABV: 5.0% 

Description: Brewed in collaboration with @whistlepunkbeer (Spokane), this 5.0% lager is lightly sweet & mellow with a mildly spicy character from @lincmalt Lyon Pils & triticale malt, a cross between wheat & Rye. This triticale was grown by @mjwgraininc from Lind, WA, where they grow non-traditional grains we like to use to add character to our beers.

This version has a more Czeched Up character provided by Perle & Mittlefruh in balance with the malt sweetness.
It’s unfiltered (straight from the cellar), so you can expect some haze in the beer as it’s poured.

Pairs great with a beautiful day, yard work or pretty much anything.