Dad Beer Case - Case of 24/16oz

Dad Beer Case - Case of 24/16oz




Name: Dad Beer Case

Notes:   What is a "Dad Beer"? It’s the classic styles that our dads drank in the 80’s and 90’s. Remember that white can with black lettering "BEER"?  Yeah, like that. And our giftable 24-can "Dad Beer Case" is filled with a twist on these styles. Some beers in this case are more true representations of the classic styles than what was available back then, since ingredients and knowledge are now more widely available. And others are classic styles that we have updated with more recent craft brewing techniques, and/or more newly available ingredients to make them more exciting. This case is perfect for dad to enjoy once he's done starting the diaper laundry load, washing the kids, doing the dishes, and tucking the kiddos into bed. He's earned it. And if dad isn't doing any of those things, then screw it. This case is for you.

One 4pack each of:

  • Little Larch (Batch 2): Bohemian Pilsner - 5.2% abv
    • This is a pilsner. I mean, like, a REAL pilsner. Like, how pilsners used to taste before all the huge conglomorates started buying up all the mom and pop breweries and cheapening the ingredients and dumbing down the recipes.
  • Hinterland Hef (Batch 2): Dry-Hopped Hefeweizen - 5.8% abv
    • This is a hefewiezen. I mean, like, a REAL hefewiezen. How they used to taste in Germany before the early microbreweries americanized them. If you think you don't like hef, you may be wrong. And if you do like hef, you're probably going to like them even more after tasting this.
  • Social Opportunities #4.:  Experimental Session Pilsner - 3.7% abv
  • A goal of conceptualizing a collaboration between English Mild and Dry-hopped Pilsner resulted in this floral, minty, and earthy goodness. Take it on an adventure - the low abv won’t get in the way! Weather is getting better and there is a hopeful glimpse of gathering again on the horizon. This session thriving hybrid lager is good across a broad spectrum of the temperature range. Whatever your social opportunities look like in this weird world we’re living in, don’t forget to pack along your Social Opportunities!
    • Pomp & Frills: Triple Dry-Hopped Pale Ale - 5.0% abv 
      • This is an easy drinking pale ale. But it ain't exactly your dad's pale ale. First off, it's hazy as fuck. Second off, it has a ridiculous 6lbs per barrel of hopping, which would give any 7% hazy IPA a run for it's money.
    • Double Dry-Hopped Blonde Ale - 6.8% abv
      • Remember blonde ales? Yeah, we barely do too. But, you know what? You've actually been drinking them. Most hazy IPAs don't have the bitterness to really earn the IPA title. They're closer by definition to a blonde ale. And that's what we called this, even though it could also be appreciated by the broey-est of haze bros. Also, it was all brewed with Salmon Safe Certified malts, and all the dry hops were upcycled from Pomp & Frills. You've probably never tasted a beer so hoppy that was finished with zero hop pellets or oil. We were hoping this would work out, AND IT DID. Wonderfully. A hop explosion, in a $13.99 4pack. Deals abound
    • Dad Beer: Light American Lager - 4.8% abv
      • This case couldn't be complete without Dad Beer by our friends at Baerlic Brewing. It is what it is. No frills. No gimmicks. No "pomps". Just a straight up, easy-drinking american light lager. What more could you want for BBQ season?