Lowercase German Pilsener

Lowercase German Pilsener

By Lowercase

Name: German Pilsener 

Style: German Style Pilsner 

Brewery: Lowercase Brewing

ABV: 5.0%

Description: Dammit! We love lager yeast! We try not to take beer too seriously and we encourage you to do the same…but that doesn’t mean shotgun it all willy-nilly! Makers of things are usually trying to tell a story. We make beer and that beer tells a story. Close your eyes, quiet your mind, taste and listen. A lot of us have extra time right now…why not slow down and connect with your senses…learn about the freak behind your wheel. THEN shotgun it.

Notes from Aaron: I drink this style pils 30% of the time I reach for one. I made that up just now but following the rules John is a badass. Bitter, floral, soapy and brilliant. I don't know about shotgunning it. Enjoy its refined classyness and pour two of these cans into a 1 liter glass. 

Our price: $11.33 a 4-pack