Happoshu Style Lager

Happoshu Style Lager

By Lowercase

Name: Happoshu

Style: Japanese style lager

Brewery: Lowercase Brewing

ABV: 3.9%

Description: Matt “Skinny” Roberts at Black Raven pulled this brilliant idea out while researching beers that may tease out the aroma and flavor of the Roy Farms hop known as “ADHA 1940.” A “Happoshu” style lager is a cheaper Japanese beer tax bracket that indicates only 2/3 of the grain bill has to be malt; the rest of the sugar can be made up with other adjuncts…we chose Toasted Rice Flakes. We hopped and dry hopped with ADHA 1940. This is a simple idea with a complex and lovely impact. Also, this is as close as we’ll ever get to making hard seltzer, so enjoy this while the sun is still burnin’ in the PNW

Our price: $11.33 a 4-pack 

Notes from Aaron: Glad to go out of my way to pick up more beer from Lowercase. This beer style is something I have definitely chatted a bunch with John about. Awesome concept to bringing something new and challenging to the already difficult task of brewing lager. I've always felt adding rice to beer allows the base malt you do select to come forward a bit more. This has a really nice floral character to specifically the malt. I think the hops help cary that floral flavor but this is PERFECTLY balanced on the hopping rate