Infinite Deliberations Country Lager

Infinite Deliberations Country Lager

By Three Magnets & Dwinell

JUST CANNED 3/23/2021!

Name: Infinite Deliberations - Collaboration with Dwinell Country Ales

Style:  Country Lager

ABV: 6.3%


ABV: 6.3%, IBU: med

Just canned on 03/23/2021

Man, we brewed this beer over a year ago. But with COVID slowing everything down, we decided to let it take on a course of its own as we seemingly endlessly deliberated about it and tinkered with it.

We started a traditional grain bill featuring a base of Czech Pilsner from Linc Malt in the Spokane Valley, but with one tweak - we used a nuanced dash of wheat malt. The beer was fermented initially with the yeast from the famous cold-activated mountains, with a mission of making a champagne-like pilsner with a little culture. When another batch of Czech pilsner came through the system (Little Larch) we fermented a small volume of that beer with a choice Belgian rustic strain, then pitched that into the brite tank to condition on the lager. That dried it out incredibly well and steered it into a Saison direction. To grab the wheel and get it back where we were going, another batch of Larch featuring our favorite house bohemian lager strain was used to krausen and spund it.

Finally, to complement its esters, the week of packaging we dry-hopped it with pekko distilled hop oil. So two breweries, three yeasts, one year in time, and numerous deliberations later, we give you a ripping dry beer that is incredible.

Now it's on you to deliberate whether you should drink it now, or let it continue to develop in the can...