Little Larch - 4pack/16oz

Little Larch - 4pack/16oz

By Three Magnets

Name: Little Larch 

Style: Bohemian Pilsner 

ABV: 5.2%

Description: This beer is about rewarding yourself after the grind of daily life. Pilsner is life, prepare yourself to drop into the authentic imported Czech Pilzen malted lager featuring only Saaz hops. Tossed in throughout the boil like a traditionalist would letting them shine in bittering and aroma.

Notes from Aaron: Tribute for Olympia's Capitol Forest and it's acres out outdoor enjoyments and MTB trails. This is the perfect winter trailhead beer, I have brewed Czech Pilsner for years and it is by far my favorite beer style. I made it chasing perfection now, get after it.