Nazi Punks F@*K OFF German Pils

Nazi Punks F@*K OFF German Pils

By Future Primative

Name: N.P.F.O Pilsner 

Style: German Pilsner 

ABV: 5.4% 

Description: 100% German hops and malt, perfectly balanced with a German malt backbone that gives way to a very clean , dry finish. Never leaning too sweet or too hoppy, this Pils dances in the middle, making a truly drinkable, refreshing bier. Brewed in true German traditional methods to be as authentic as possible. 4 step mash – 10 week lager – 14 weeks grain to can. German Hallertauer and Tettnang

Brewer's Notes: German Pils brewed the right way with an awesome name. (Nazi Punks Fuck OFF!!!)