Self Care Non-Alc Coconut Stout

Self Care Non-Alc Coconut Stout

By Three Magnets

Canned March 19, 2021

Name: Self Care Dark Coconut Stout

Style: Non-Alcoholic Dark Stout

ABV: Less than 0.5% ABV

Description: Loads of raw coconut and coconut toasted in-house, both sweetened and unsweetened, helps to bring balance to the overall coconut impression. It's sweet but not cloyingly so, nutty and savory, yet not too heavy, by using Washington premium grown malt as well as staples from English malt houses dating back to the 1900's. To take the flavor composition to another level it was also dry-hopped, with coconut forward hops, which imparted an additional subtle coconut and oak character. This may be our first dabbling into producing a dark NA beverage, but we couldn't be more chuffed with how it turned out.