Whhhip It! Hazy IPA

Whhhip It! Hazy IPA

By Matchless Brewing

Name: Whhhip It! 

Style: Vanilla Hazy IPA (Not a smoothie)

Brewery: Matchless Brewing

ABV: 7.7%

Description: Crack that Whhhip It!
Give that can a sip
Step on a crack
Break out your 4-pack

When a problem comes along
You must Whhhip It!
Before the beer sits out too long
You must Whhhip It!
When something's going wrong
You must Whhhip It!

Now Whhhip It!

Notes from Aaron: This beer has an easter egg on the can, in the form of my dog Whip. Which to be fair my better half also works with Matchless. The beer has a great hop selection and silky body to it. The vanilla was just the right amount and real beans. A dash of vanilla really lets the fruity hop character shine.