Fish Magician Wild Ale

Fish Magician Wild Ale

By Logsdon Farmhouse

Name: Fish Magician 

Style: Farmhouse ale with Peaches and Plums 

Brewery: Logsdon Farmhouse Ales 

ABV: 7.0% 

VERY LIMITED: One Fish Magician 4pack per order, and only three Logsdon 4packs per case!

Description: Fish Magician is an ever changing series of blends utilizing components from some or all threads in our various classic farmhouse brett forward, tart mixed culture and spontaneously inoculated wild ale programs. Incorporating elements fermented entirely in stainless steel as well as oak casks that have aged for years, our brewers have conjured up a uniquely complex liquid showcasing some of our favorite projects. 

This blend (the second) is comprised of 30% oak-aged tart farmhouse ale aged on plums, 25% foeder-aged tart farmhouse ale, 15% oak - aged tart saison aged on peaches, 15% oak aged witbier refermented on peaches and 15% fresh saison. 

Our price: $14.17 a 4-pack

Notes from Aaron: That's a lot of complex writing to say this beer is 100% delicious. If I write about lager its three-four paragraphs. Saison might be one. so I get it. Welcome to Logsdon wheelhouse of crafting complex and somehow simple at the sametime farmhouse ale.