it's pretty simple, really. we aren't selling onesie-twosies. we're only selling four-packs. and we're only selling by the case. you can, however, mix-and-match your cases. but that's it. this allows us to keep our costs down in multiple ways:

  • spread our 21+ signature required shipping costs over 24 beers (the cost difference to ship one four pack versus six four packs, with signature required delivery, is negligible). we can then charge a $10 flat rate, and afford to cover the difference.
  • allows us to utilize only one box size!
  • allows us to quickly pick and pack your orders, minimizing labor.
  • simplifies the ordering process.

we will also have limits on some four-packs where we have limited supply so that we can spread the love. and if you choose our premade cases, then you save even more! that's about it. it's pretty simple, really.