the whales are going extinct.

no. really. they are. or maybe it's the opposite. maybe they're now everywhere. you could really look at it either way. consider this:

remember when nobody knew how to make hazy ipa's except a select few? well, newsflash, the fucking secret is out.

remember when only a few breweries had a barrel program? ha. now who doesn't have one?

remember when very few breweries could make a clean, crisp pilsner? yet again, those that can't are few and far between. 

what does all this mean? it means we can stop chasing whales. we don't have to pay exorbitant prices anymore for a name brand. we can stop fetishizing beer. we can stop playing that "cool kids" club game. we can make beer about the beer, and not about the hype. and we can just drink good fucking beer.

we'll be using our 10+ years in the industry to bring you just that. good fucking beer, from some of our favorite fucking people in the industry.